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Our Story

One has to only watch, see, listen! It’s all there - vivid and clear! All around, everywhere........Push further, see farther.

Try to evolve and reach out….where We WANT to Be…let us hold hands - from all walks and ages....Spend a few hours together….unlearn and learn – HowTOBe ! 

A lively session bringing a fresh perspective to Life – which opens new horizons and acts as a stimulus to bring out all the positive energies from all, through a very engaging – interacting – participatory session - a very different kind of mind rebooting workshop for all the participants of any stream for their wholesome development.
The project name is HowToBe – Push further see farther.

This is not something that will outlive its usefulness or technology which will become obsolete. Life cycle will go on but with the taking over of gadgets, knowing oneself, visualising true essence of life, and trying to manifest them will be more applicable in days to come and we all need to understand How To be...why don’t we take this opportunity rather just be as it is?   

So no more waiting let us get going……… 

Interior Designing


Now Rajib and Gautam both travelled a very long path with numerous ups and downs, extreme highs and lows in every sphere of their lives. They have gone through rigorous self induced learning process through surrounding nature to all the life form, from tiny creatures to mystics. From sayings of Upanishada to teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurty.

To explore life to the fullest they have plunged in HowtoBe. Their dream project to reach out and bring out the probable possibilities of life.



Once upon a time a footballer, then an engineer and for last 30 years a tireless theatre and a film doer as an actor-writer-director. And a creative director of Booze Production. Gautam has conducted many a workshops for kids to elderly in schools, colleges, NGOs and corporate houses apart from theatre and film. A passionate peer trainer and on a mission to be touching more and more human souls.


Rajib Roy

​An admin VP of a global software multinational and managing partner of Booze Production. Also he imparts training in corporate arena from HR to Comunication skill. Speaker and Panelist in various Facility Management forums. Nominated amongst the “Top 100 Facility managers of India” for 2 consecutive years. He is also a winner of “Leadership Excellence Awards”

what's in it

  • Magic of Internal and External Communication

  • Eternal Duel – Conscious Vs Sub Conscious

  • Drain your Brain – Ignite the cognitive skills

  • Perception – Imagination - Creativity

  • Do not Meditate – Be Mindful!

  • Loosen the noose – Be the Bar headed Goose!!

  • Subconscious visuals – Route to Manifest!

  • Affirmation – Gulli Cricket to Board room!

  • Quantum Brain - Tame your negative circuits

  • Mental Movie – The ultimate Oscar!

  • Spirituality of life – Freedom from caged thoughts

Green Light
Flying Bird

Be a source of creation and evolve from where we are....... Nothing can stop you other than you. 


‘I only survive because I dream....make your future dream’   Let us hold hands from all walks and ages....Spend a few hours together… Unlearn and learn – HowTOBe !


 Duration - around 3/4 hours * Medium - English / Bengali * The session is on honorarium basis and on pro bono for Govt. aided schools, NGOs and specific target groups.




শূন্য থেকে শুরু / Beginning from nothing.1st session

শূন্য থেকে শুরু / Beginning from nothing.1st session

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HowToBe at DLF- endorsed by IRIS

HowToBe at DLF- endorsed by IRIS

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HowToBe at Santoshpur lake Pally

HowToBe at Santoshpur lake Pally

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